Online Media- Day 4

First, I checked my emails a lot; I have a separate email address for work, uni and personal use and all of them had emails I needed to respond to. We were trying to arrange a group project for a uni class- we had a string of emails from our teacher and then a group Facebook message trying to decode it and decide what the best thing to do was.

Monday is quite a busy day for news… all the trashy gossip mags come out on a Monday and so social media is usually filled with their headlines. This morning I saw the same headlines across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about TV Week announcing their nominees for this year’s Logie Awards.


TV Week also had Delta Goodrem on their front cover, apparently she’s in House Husbands tonight. Someone on Twitter created a photo collage comparing this cover with the last time Delta Goodrem was on the cover of TV Week back when she was on Neighbours, which I thought was pretty interesting. Apparently Australian drama finds potential affairs fascinating. (See picture below).

I am always interested in what TV Week posts about- not because I enjoy what they write, but because I am an actor and want to know what’s going on in the industry. This particular tweet inspired me to think about what my first cover will look like (let us pray).

I also screen-shotted this picture and sent it to friends who I thought would appreciate it for the same reasons. My friends then responded by sending me memes and other messages that also relate to trying to break into the industry (and the difference that having money has on your appearance…) 😛unnamed.png


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